Another case of Ontario supermarket shrinkflation has people talking

Shrink this, price gouge that: Canadian supermarkets have been accused of this hundreds of times in recent months, with almost daily online inquiries about their prices, their discount programs, their safety measures and more.

Along with chains like Loblaws, food manufacturers take some of the blame for trying to sneakily reduce product sizes without customers noticing, but when it’s a store’s own private label that offers less of something for the same price (or even more), the anger feels sharper – and yes, Loblaw Companies Ltd. is often the target.

This week it’s the supermarket’s President’s Choice brand frozen berries that have shoppers outraged, with one resident at his local Loblaws store noting that the size of the bag of certain fruit has been reduced from 600 grams just a few months ago to just 300 grams. gr in April.

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“These berries that weighed 600 grams a few months ago were reduced to 400 grams just after Christmas and are now 300 grams this week for the same old price,” the individual wrote alongside a photo of their find on Loblaws is Out of Control, a subreddit dedicated to hating (and now boycotting) the grocery giant.

“They even have new 12 oz bags and older 1 oz bags in the same freezer as pre-shrunk 1 oz blueberries. Size doesn’t matter, they’re all 2/$10,” the person marveled in his post, which attracted hundreds of upvotes yielded. and dozens of comments on the platform.

Many called the quiet change “unreal” — especially since the packaging appears to be exactly the same as before, down to its size — and added that Canada “needs legislation that mandates changes in package size and is clearly labeled for consumers.”

A few said they would no longer buy frozen fruit at a Loblaws location, or have already done so, with one saying they did so after realizing that “not only was it getting more expensive and the bags were getting smaller, but the quality was worthless. I kept getting bags of fruit that looked like it had all been through a chipper.”

And still others wondered where all the cheating and profiteering in the sector will end – unfortunately the answer to this doesn’t seem possible any time soon given how public and persistent this issue has been for months.

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inloblaw had gotten out of hand

blogTO visited the Loblaws at Queen St. W and Portland Street in Toronto to verify the problem, and found varying but physically similar bags of 300g, 400g, 500g and 600g of frozen fruit, all priced the same: two for $10 or $5.59 each.

However, at our site we did not find bags of exactly the same type of fruit with different weights, so it is unclear whether different types of fruit have always been different weights to allow them to be priced the same per bag, or whether some bags are. shrinking indeed (many online claim that, as far as they know and can remember, it’s a mix of both).