The Kennedy family is fucking abusive and Joe Biden is still worse

There wasn’t a single woman who wouldn’t take a Kennedy to bed. Mafia boss’ girlfriend, communist spy, Hollywood actress, sister-in-law, widow, intern, whatever. And those are just the ones we know. While the sex stories have died down with the death of pantsless Uncle Teddy, the fucking continues in a different form: they are now fucking each other.

No, not like that – they’re not Ilhan Omar. They screw each other in metaphorical, symbolic ways.

There was a time when the Kennedy family stayed together. That loyalty was an admirable trait, even if it did not extend to anyone who married into the family. Well, okay, loyalty to the people who married into the family wasn’t their thing (I’m not sure there was a husband who didn’t get screwed), but loyalty to the family was still required of them, just ask Peter Lawford .

Yet they didn’t stab each other in the back or sabotage each other. The current generation does.

It would be difficult to name many Kennedys these days. They don’t actually do anything other than keep the name ‘Kennedy’ in their name, either through a hyphen or simply by keeping it so people don’t know they are distantly related to people who once did something have done.

That’s a bit of a joke, but it’s also the truth. Name something important that a living Kennedy did. I’ll wait, just Google it.

It is not hidden, it does not exist.

I don’t have the affinity that so many others have for the Kennedys. The only one alive in my life was the man who killed the girl and then pretended to be the victim. Ted was a piece of trash; a drunkard who would eat his way through any woman unfortunate enough to be near him. He was Ted Kennedy, who the hell could report him? His brothers were killed while serving the country.

It’s a testament to the power of public relations that what his brothers did brought a puffed-up bastard like him to prominence. And now their children are acting; they also achieved things in life, besides simply being the Kennedy sperm who cracked the eggs.

Their greatest feats seem to be walking upright with their jaws protruding from the front of their heads.

All the right you can think of to glory that cannot be passed on; These Kennedys have gathered after Dealey Plaza around the only president we have ever had less intellectually capable of doing the job than JFK. The question should be, “Why?”

In a video that sounds like it was recorded at a party, with proof that inherited wealth is not the key to good dental work or attractive genetics, a group of inexperienced narcissists have announced they are supporting a man accused of rape by a former co-worker and of showering his daughter when she was his age that it helped her spiral into drug addiction. If it sounds like a bad sitcom, that’s only because it almost is.

In a normal year, what a Kennedy had to say about anything wouldn’t matter. Sure, the Democrats would bring one or two of them out a few times to do media interviews as a campaign surrogate, but not much more than that. And certainly not all the people in this video, which you would have to look up to find out how they are related to any of them. But honestly, there hasn’t been a Kennedy that has mattered since Teddy got kicked out. What his children or cousins ​​or nieces and nephews or however these people are related (to be honest, I didn’t care enough to look it up) think about anything interests me less than a mediocre ‘man on the street’ . interview, and I don’t have any pieces of redigested food to talk about.

That Biden’s handler dug up and dusted off a group of people named Kennedy is a testament to how afraid they are of people thinking of Joe Biden for what Joe Biden did and Robert Kennedy Jr. consider as a viable alternative.

The Biden presidency has been, as you might think, a series of mistakes, but it is the progressive agenda. They hate America, but recognize that normal Americans are different from the spoiled, rich brats covered in Arafat rugs who goose-walk around college campuses calling for the death of all Jews.

Real Americans are not out to reform or “fundamentally transform” the country into a toilet for Third World castoffs and corporate cronyism to make their friends richer. The only way to do that is to make the way things are so terrible that people will embrace anything with the promise that it will be better. It’s how the old Nazis clawed their way to power in Germany, so it makes sense that the modern version of the Nazis would do the same to the last president old enough to have been alive when his ideological ancestors tried to impose their will on Europe.

It is strange that the Kennedy Klan would sign up for this. JFK and RFK were left-wing, or at least what the left was then. They both still loved the country. They were anti-communist, although Bobby became sympathetic to some of the causes towards the end. Their family has had almost no redeeming qualities since then. And now they no longer have the loyalty that, at least at first glance, seemed to be their only remaining good loyalty.

I imagine family vacations at the Kennedy Compound will be awkward this summer as siblings and cousins ​​come to terms with a betrayal that can only be seen for a few seconds of unearned relevance because deserving it is too much would look like work. A series of happy sperm cells making a vain attempt to appeal to people who work for a living. The lies from people affected by the deliberate disasters of Joe Biden’s administration, claiming he is their only hope to preserve democracy.

Honest people who have something to say should not have to try to scare their audience. Of course, honest people wouldn’t associate with Joe Biden over their own family members.

All his life, Joe Biden has strived to be JFK. It’s probably why he attacked Tara Reade (she’s definitely not alone, except in her courage to speak out), why he had his affair with Jill while she was still married to her first husband, and why he grabs, touches, sniffs and nibbles. every woman and girl he can get close enough to. Joe is stupid, and stupid people confuse violence with many things, in his case it’s charm.

Time will tell whether a bunch of Kennedys extolling the virtues of a senile pervert can make a difference, or whether candidate Kennedy, the lefty in the race who is able to string together a coherent sentence, will come out on top. to take up the mantle of the future of the Democratic Party. I don’t know what will happen, but they all deserve each other.

Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!) and author of the book Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hate to manipulate the masses, and host of the weekly ‘Week in F* cking Review podcast in which the news is told the way it should be. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter.