South Africa’s ‘Hot Cop’ continues to win hearts and laughs

South Africa’s ‘Hot Cop’ Devan Cox is stirring social media with charisma and good looks, earning him national pride and playful banter.

East London, South Africa (April 21, 2024) – South Africa recently found its latest viral sensation in Devan Cox, affectionately known as the ‘Hot Cop’. And let’s just say he’s turned heads and sparked some pretty funny conversations online!

Cox, a young and athletic officer in the South African Police Service (SAPS) based in East London, has become the talk of the town. Not only is he dedicated to serving his community and upholding the law, but he is also an adventurer and fitness enthusiast. From following him on TikTok, it appears that Officer Cox has a passion for swimming and is extremely proud of his SAPS-issued vehicle, which he uses to chase down the bad guys.

While we always enjoy highlighting the incredible work of the South African Police Service, it was a refreshing change to see the lighter side of things with Officer Cox’s newfound fame. The reactions that poured in on social media were nothing short of entertaining!

Steve Smit joked: “Remember when someone stole a KitKat from the local Corner Cafe in 1986? IT WAS ME. HERE I AM. ARREST ME NOW.”

“Out of 10, I would give him one!” Julie Lawson remarked cheekily.

Megan Romeyn said playfully, “Whew, that’s worth getting cuffed for!”

Jo-Anne Impey Preston confessed: “Yes, I feel a sudden urge to commit a crime 🤣😜”

“Motaju mi ​​se neke kriminalne misli po glavi 😂” (criminal thoughts are going through my head), @LiefdeLM added.

Lisa-Mari Davies humorously declared: “East London, here we come! New crime hotspot. And we have Devan to thank for that 🤣🤣”

Nichola Proctor even suggested: ‘New Police Minister! Imagine this guy giving us weekly updates on TV… a great way to collect TV license fees 🤣”

Amid the playful banter, many took a moment to express their genuine pride at seeing a fit and healthy police officer making waves in South Africa:

Maudie Pietersen commented: “Very proud. This is a good example of a neatly uniformed officer in South Africa, healthy and good looking. Wish there were more like this. People cannot see the good and pride in others. Well done officer.”

“I don’t know what it’s like to commit a crime, but it certainly makes the job choice interesting! And yes, this is how police officers should look fit! They are strong and fit enough to arrest a perpetrator! Exercise is extremely important in this kind of work 👍very well done Devan!” Stephanie Bekker noted.

Kerryn Swanepoel chimed in: “If only the rest of our police could be this fit and fantastic 👍 Keep up the good work and stay safe.”

While the spotlight may be on Officer Devan Cox for his striking appearance and captivating social media presence, it is essential to remember the hard work and dedication he and his colleagues have put in to keep South Africa safe every day . So whether you admire him from a distance or jokingly reflect on a life of crime (please don’t!), let’s continue to support our law enforcement officers and celebrate the good they bring to our communities.

Stay safe and keep smiling, South Africa!

Sources: Devon Cox | Good Things Guy Facebook Page
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