This is the newest religion in the world, born four years ago, associated with controversies

The world’s newest religion: Do you know what the newest religion in the world is (World Abrahamic)? Islam, Jew, Sikh or someone else? Let me tell you: there are none. The world’s newest religion is Abrahamic or Abrahamic (pronunciation varies). It first came into existence in the year 2020. The followers of this sect believe in one ‘God’ and consider Abraham as the messenger of God.

There is a lot of fuss in Islamic countries about its existence. Many religious leaders believe that this religion was invented to destroy Islam and increase the relations of Muslim countries with Israel. This is also called the American trick. From time to time there is a lot of opposition that calls it political propaganda.

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Abrahamic settlement
In 2020, led by the advisor to then American President Donald Trump ‘Abrahamic religions’ happened. On this basis, the Islamic countries of UAE and Bahrain had signed an agreement with Israel. At the time, it was said that the main purpose of creating an ‘Abrahamic’ religion was to bring about unity between Islam, Christianity and Judaism by erasing differences.

Neither the Scripture nor any priest
The Abrahamic religion is such that it does not contain any scriptures or priests, as is the case in other religions. It is also called a political religion. Many religious leaders have opposed it, calling it a religious project. This religion includes followers of Judaism, Christianity, Islam and the Bahai sect.

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The Abrahamic religion emerged in 2020.

spiritual project
Experts have given ideas about this religion. He has even said that this is just a spiritual project that aims to erase the differences between Islam, Christianity and Judaism by looking at the similarities between them.

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