Fort Worth police continue investigation into deadly shooting after prom weekend – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Fort Worth police continue to investigate a shooting at an after-prom house party that left three people with gunshot wounds, including a young man who later died.

The police have not yet released any information on Monday evening about any arrests in the case, nor information about the suspect(s).

Police tell NBC 5 that partygoers did not cooperate with the investigation.

The deceased victim has been identified as Daniel Olalde Moreno, 19, of Fort Worth. His family agreed to speak with NBC 5 and Telemundo 39 at their home Monday morning.

There is no comforting mother, father and their eight other children; gun violence has taken one of their own.

The Olaldes are also pushing back on the claim that those involved in the shooting were not invited to the house party but showed up anyway.

Daniel, they say, was always together. He liked cologne, liked to smell good and look clean, his sisters said, giggling a bit.

He was stupid and reserved, but was not afraid of anything or anyone. They admit that Daniel had moments when he was a troublemaker or lost his cool.

There was never any doubt about how much he loved his family.

He helped his father Vidal at work by building stone walkways and walls.

His mother Luisa had to take medication to help her sleep. She says part of her soul is now gone.

Vidal watched his son leave with friends that rainy Saturday evening.

The victim’s parents say they didn’t know Daniel was going to a party that night.

Daniel’s 17-year-old sister Stephanie says she was at home with their parents when there was a knock on the door early Sunday morning.

One of Daniel’s friends told her that there had been a shooting, but that Daniel was in the hospital and doing well.

According to the Fort Worth Police Department, two individuals were admitted to John Peter Smith Hospital with gunshot wounds around 1:15 a.m. on Sunday, April 21, arriving in a private vehicle.

Olalde’s friends rushed him to the nearby Harris Southwest Hospital at 2:15 am. He was then transferred to JPS by CareFlight.

“The doctor came out and told us they had tried everything they could do, but his bleeding wouldn’t stop, and it wouldn’t stop,” Stephanie Olalde said.

A homeowner along the 4900 block of Singleleaf Lane in Fort Worth told NBC 5 and Telemundo 39 Sunday that her son, a student at Arlington Heights High School, had hosted a post-prom party at their home.

His mother says she left, but never imagined that more than 300 young people would show up unexpectedly.

Mayn, she says, wasn’t invited, and not even the Arlington Heights students, including those involved in the shooting, which she said may have started during a dice game.

The family confirms that Daniel did not attend AHHS and never attended.

“The street was busy,” recalled Teddy Brigham, former Greenleaf Lane homeowner.

Brigham says his new neighbors across the street let him know about their party.

“He’s a good boy,” Brigham said of the boy who threw the party.

The family had just moved about a month ago, he added.

Brigham says he was quite surprised to see the number of teenagers in his neighborhood on Saturday evening.

“Then around 1 a.m. I heard a few pops of gunfire, I guess,” he said. “I saw a little movement, not much. And a few minutes later I heard another bang in that direction.”

That’s when the crowd really started to disperse, he and other residents said.

Perhaps because all three victims were taken to the hospital in private vehicles, neighbors say they had no idea anyone had been injured until the next day.

“That’s devastating. It always is,” Brigham said. “You hate to see one of our children get hurt like that.”

Daniel’s family acknowledges past problems with him and the friends he kept.

His father says he often urged him to stop associating with bad influences.

“I remember him being very sweet when he was a child,” older sister Areli Olalde said through tears. “Then you grow up and you’re around all these people and it just changes your character.”

When asked to respond to a story blaming Daniel and his friends for possibly being rowdy party crashers, she pushes back vehemently.

“I don’t think anyone was ‘uninvited’ because they posted it everywhere,” she said.

The house party became so big, she and sister Stephanie say, because it went “viral” on social media.

The family is unsure if Daniel’s friends knew the partygoer, but insist he was invited via text message and social media.

The homeowner in question did not return our calls and personal requests for comment Monday.

A spokesperson for the Fort Worth Police Department declined to speak on camera but shared an update on the two surviving shooting victims.

The two are recovering in hospital after surgery.

The family of Daniel Olalde is calling on anyone with information to come forward and grant them some peace and justice.

“I think they need to say something,” Stephanie said. “If they have any information about who did this to my brother, they need to speak up because this is not fair to us.”

The Fort Worth Police Gun Violence Unit has been notified and is leading the ongoing investigation.