Royals LIVE: Prince William’s hidden message about the Royal Family and Kate Middleton during their latest visit

Prince Harry and Prince William’s relationship has undergone several tests in recent years, but their bond hasn’t always been rocky.

Harry candidly revealed in his memoir ‘Spare’ that their relationship has had many ups and downs since early childhood, with competitiveness at the heart of it.

“In some ways,” Harry wrote in the first chapter of the memoir, “he was my mirror, in some ways he was my opposite. My beloved brother, my archenemy, how did that happen?’ Over the course of a few hundred pages, Harry tried to unravel how they arrived at their current situation.

He claimed William ignored him when they were at school together at Eton and didn’t like it when their late mother chose matching outfits for them, as he claimed his older brother physically assaulted him in 2019.

William, who has cultivated as much of a private life as their position allows, made no public comment in response to the accusation, but sources told Harper’s Bazaar at the time that he was “devastated.” Another insider was quoted by People Magazine as saying that of all the royals, “William is the one who is most upset and needs time to calm down.”

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