People ‘never go into the ocean’ after seeing what happens when humans drop food from an oil rig

If you want to deter yourself from ever setting foot in the ocean again, this footage should do the trick.

People are ditching their beach days and vowing never to swim in the sea again after watching the chilling video, which showed viewers what horrors lurk beneath a seemingly calm surface.

The video, which went viral on social media, has scared the majority of people who had the pleasure of watching it.

While it answered a question that has probably crossed some of our minds before in the early hours of the morning, the clip has also managed to ‘unleash a new fear’ for those who have seen it.

Basically, it shows a guy working on an oil rig and enjoying himself while standing on top of one of the towering platforms.

For starters, those with a fear of heights felt quite sickly, while others couldn’t believe the man had placed his trust in a metal grate to support his weight.

An oil rig worker is seen dropping a snack (Reddit)

An oil rig worker is seen dropping a snack (Reddit)

Although oil rigs are obviously built with all these safety aspects in mind, it still seems like the ideal place for some sort of James Bond bad guy to install a trap door.

But luckily it’s not Goldfinger up there; it’s just a guy messing around on his lunch break.

Anyway, he decides to drop some of his leftovers through the holes in the walkway, which hangs hundreds of feet in the air, into the ocean below to see what happens.

The identity of the snack he sent to the fish also sparked much debate online, as while it appeared to be some type of flapjack, others thought it could have been a cookie or a chicken nugget.

But that doesn’t matter – unless you’re trying to figure out what aquatic animals are hungry for.

As the unknown food object tumbled through the air, all was still – until it was a few feet from the surface.

People were stunned by the sheer amount of fish that emerged (Reddit)

People were stunned by the sheer amount of fish that emerged (Reddit)

Out of nowhere, what seems like hundreds of fish begin thrashing about in the previously calm waters as they all compete to obtain the gift from the sky.

They dart towards where it landed and devour the small piece of grub, no doubt reducing it to nothing within seconds.

As you can imagine, the images have made people rethink diving into seemingly empty waters, because it seems like you never know what’s lurking around the corner.

One viewer said: “Well, I’ll never swim outside a pool again.”

Another joked: “Note to self: don’t fall off an oil rig.”

A third added: “Bro single handedly caused an all out war there.”

A fourth commented: “That metal floor makes the difference between living another day or turning into fish food!”

While a fifth voted: “I’m not going into that water.”

Others pointed out that fish tend to hang out near oil rigs because they are a good spot for plants and marine life, while also occasionally getting away from people.

But as we all know, where fish go, sharks usually follow.

Another social media user commented: “Food drops, a pool of fish forms. A pool of fish forms, sharks emerge.”

Some even said the footage appeared to have captured the “real version” of the Lachrymose leeches Lemony Snicket’s a series of unfortunate eventsand if that’s not enough to keep you out of the water, I don’t know what is.

Featured image credits: Reddit

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