Tom Cruise dragged into bitter $10 million feud between David Beckham and Mark Wahlberg: Celebrities: Enstarz

Tom Cruise was unexpectedly caught up in the massive $10 million dispute between David Beckham and Mark Wahlberg after attending Victoria Beckham’s lavish 50th birthday party last weekend.

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When Cruise partied at the former Spice Girl’s birthday party in London, he wowed everyone with his moves, including splits on the dance floor. But while the actor was having fun, online drama ensued.

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Beckham’s company is suing F45 Training, a fitness company partly owned by his longtime friend Wahlberg. Beckham, 48, says F45 promised him $10 million for a deal, but he never received the money.

Beckham claims F45 tricked him into signing a contract, and now he’s taking them to court to get the money he says he is owed.

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According to reports, the football star said he would receive shares as part of the deal. He thought he would get them when stock prices were high, but then they fell and he got nothing.

After Cruise’s performance at the star-studded event, an old video surfaced, reportedly unbeknownst to Cruise. The clip, which dates back to 2013, shows Wahlberg, 52, seemingly criticizing Cruise’s comparison of acting to military service.

(Photo: REUTERS/Carlo Allegri)

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Wahlberg strongly disagreed with Cruise’s comparison between the challenges of acting and the hardships soldiers face in Afghanistan. He couldn’t believe that anyone in the acting industry would suggest that making movies is like being on the front lines in a war zone.

The unexpected turn of events has led to speculation that the ‘Top Gun’ actor could now be inadvertently drawn into the ongoing dispute between Beckham and Wahlberg, potentially aligning himself with the former in their latest conflict.