We tried McDonald’s new dessert menu and 1 item stood out for all the wrong reasons

McDonald’s is known for its range of burgers and fries, with its best-selling item being its signature Big Mac.

But the fast food chain is also known for its deliciously sweet desserts, the best known of which are the classic McFlurry and the steaming apple pie.

The large menu of sweet treats includes muffins, cookies and doughnuts, but it is constantly changing and welcomes at least three exclusive additions every six weeks.

To mark the launch of its latest menu, McDonald’s has relaunched the Biscoff McFlurry, Galaxy McFlurry and Galaxy Caramel Pie, which its fans can enjoy for a limited time only. was lucky enough to sample the fresh menu, and one item was the most talked about, but not for the right reasons.

The return of the Biscoff McFlurry has been highly anticipated by fans of the cookie brand and has been a hit with taste testers and the public alike.

Priced at £1.99, the ice cream snack contains a biscuit crumb that is swirled onto the soft serve, giving it an extra crunchy taste. The Express reviewers agreed that the contrasting textures were hard to resist and the flavor was a must-try for Biscoff fans.

Overall rated a solid 8/10, the only complaint was that there wasn’t more topping, but they will never be enough for true Biscoff lovers.

On to the McDonald’s Galaxy Caramel Pie; this one was more controversial for a few reasons.

The super crispy puff pastry shell tastes a bit savory, despite being labeled as chocolate. Inside is a thick and gooey Galaxy Caramel sauce that drips down the length of the rectangular snack.

What struck taste testers was the slightly lumpy center that resembled mashed banana after it cooled. Although the taste was rated 5/10 by taste testers, it is one to enjoy piping hot to get the best flavor.

That said, the pie is the ultimate McDonald’s dessert for fans of Galaxy Caramel treats and its signature apple pie, and many McDonald’s fans agree.

One person on X, formerly Twitter, described the cake as “orgasmic”, while another labeled the hybrid recipe as a “dynamic” collaboration.

A third person wrote: “I would buy McDonald’s supply of Milky Way caramel cakes so I can eat them forever. The BEST ever.”

The final dessert was another McFlurry, this time flavored with Galaxy chocolate.

This ice cream treat got extra points for the silky melt-in-the-mouth chocolate knots and even more for the subtle caramel sauce swirled into the smooth base.

Rated 9/10 by Express taste testers, it’s no surprise that the limited edition recipe has earned returning favorite status.