Protests in Columbia are dangerous ‘anti-Semitism’

CNN anchor Dana Bash said Monday on “News Central” that the rhetoric used at anti-Israel-Hamas war protests at Columbia University was dangerous “anti-Semitism.”

Atlantic writer Franklin Foer said: “Protesters say they are just criticizing Israel. And I believe that in many of their minds that is their intention. But there’s a whole vocabulary that they have to talk about what’s happening on campus that almost goes straight into anti-Semitism, where they blame Jewish donors, they blame a Jewish, Jewish forces in the world for ordering the crackdown . It is not the university president who acts alone. There is a clique.”

Co-host Kasie Hunt said: “Those are outright anti-Semitic tropes that you’re outlining.”

Bas said: ‘Yes. And it is, and I’ll go even further, it’s not exactly anti-Semitism. It’s anti-Semitism. And this is something that can be seen now. But the roots of this kind of transfer from A to B go back thousands of years. And this is something, the roots of anti-Semitism, that emerges in societies that, frankly, tend to be a canary in the coal mine for a society and democracy in this case that is in deep trouble.”

She continued, “It is. I like to look at this and replace the Jews with any other minority group. And what would the whole country do? They would be outraged. Justifiably. It’s not just about Palestinian rights. I got the letter that we reported that the Columbia rabbi sent saying that Jewish students, you are not safe here. From a parent of a student at Columbia University. I got it yesterday morning. And this person’s daughter heard things like: You’re a Nazi. Things like, you know, go kill yourself and other and even worse things.

Bash added: “That’s not a protest, that’s intimidation. And it’s on the brink of violence. And the fact that these Jewish students feel so unsafe and that is so systemic when it comes to ultimately returning to classes that are not necessarily supervised, that is dangerous.”

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