Environmental safety is an integral part of our activities – Indorama

Indorama Eleme Petrochemicals Ltd says effective environmental management has remained an integral aspect of its operations.

The company made its position known at the weekend while addressing journalists shortly after touring the facility at the company’s headquarters in Eleme, Rivers.

The company’s Head of Corporate Communications, Dr. Jossy Nkwocha, said the tour became necessary to express the level of commitment towards achieving a zero harm, safe and healthy environment in accordance with the operating laws of the Federal Government and the World Health Organization (WHO). .

“During the site tour and detailed presentation on our environmental management system, we painstakingly showed you that we are a responsible business entity committed to the goal of zero harm, a safe and healthy environment.

“We have been able to achieve this milestone by making an effective environmental management system an integral part of our operations.

“We have also ensured robust implementation of the environmental management and monitoring system, which has improved environmental performance as determined by regulators and lenders.

“We are making efforts to continuously improve our environmental systems and performance,” he said.

Nkwocha, however, condemned the efforts of certain individuals determined to discredit the company, claiming that the company had undermined both environmental safety and social responsibility of companies as hosts to communities.

Nkwocha noted that the company remained committed to the Federal Government and host communities by guaranteeing 7.5 equity for its host community.

The company had also funded various programs and projects aimed at improving the living standards of host communities and positively impacting the lives of youth, widows, persons with disabilities and artisans through employment opportunities, skill acquisition programmes, business support/educational funding. for poor scholars.

Nkwocha highlighted the various strategic environmental management systems the company had in place, noting that the company complied with all applicable state and national environmental regulations, as well as international best practices.

According to him, the company has been continuously conducting periodic monitoring (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly as defined) of noise, air quality and stack emissions.

The company, in collaboration with accredited consultants, has also ensured the quality of treated wastewater, quality of groundwater, quality of the receiving water body (Okulu River) and biodiversity.