New children’s album by William Shatner under fire for use of AI

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William Shatner posted the cover of his new children’s album Where Will The Animals Sleep? with a cover made with AI.

Summary of the article

  • William Shatner’s children’s album, ‘Where Will The Animals Sleep?’, sparks controversy over AI art.
  • The art community is criticizing Shatner for the AI-generated album cover, calling its artistic integrity into question.
  • Shatner defends the album’s AI artwork, citing historical art and technological advancements.
  • The debate escalates as Shatner dismisses critics and endorses the use of AI in the cover.

William Shatner posted the news on social media, saying: “You can pre-order my new children’s album on Amazon:”. And that is indeed possible, Where will the animals sleep? Songs for children and other living beings on May 17. But also with a cover that almost everyone who looks at it suspects that it was generated by AI. That has been criticized for stealing the world from real artists to generate a hodgepodge that claims to be something new.

William ShatnerWilliam Shatner
Where will the animals sleep? Songs for children and other living beings

Comic book artists among many have made their feelings clear on the matter.

John McCrea: Don’t use AI

Jamie Slim: “What the hell is this, that’s a horrible AI. FFS its refusal to understand or even empathize with any artist other than himself.”

Lew Stringer: His arms have different thicknesses.

Sebastian Piriz: the AI ​​couldn’t get his face right, so they stuck a painted face (or some other AI image?) that doesn’t match the colors of the rest at all

Mike Armstrong: At least the AI ​​is self-aware enough to hide all but four hands…

In response to criticism, William Shatner posted: “And I don’t remember any riots in the streets when @thebeatles released the white album, Metallica released their black album, or the soundtrack album for This is Spinal Tap came out. People these days get offended about anything that makes them twisted minds think that can bring them attention and popularity. It’s sad… The portrait artists of the 19th century stormed the house of Giroux over the development of the camera And compared to today’s cameras, they are very outdated, so let them progress happen It’s clearly meant to be AI in its simplest form because it’s a children’s album and not something to hang in a museum… Well honey the only image is mine and I approved it The union’s problem was that studios could take moving footage from previous acting jobs and put it into an AI program for use in another production without permission. Next time you’re going to argue something, make sure you understand the problem… Can you please point out on copyright violations? If not, then…”

William Shatner looked at American Gothic painting and said, “And those artists who “borrow” from the works of other artists as tribute? That’s stealing too, right? … Each of those three works is considered fine art, but do you think she paid the Grant Wood Foundation to make them? So if AI borrows it to make its own version, it’s wrong?’ Unwilling to tolerate arguments about how tributes were intentional references in which viewers needed to know their origins, but his cover did its best to hide the people he stole from, he finished: “So the cover is the cover. I approved it and that’s it. The end. Oh yeah, one more thing… “Here’s the back.”

New children's album by William Shatner under fire for use of AINew children's album by William Shatner under fire for use of AI

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