Lee Chong Wei is stranded in Paris after his canceled flight and says he already misses Nasi Lemak

The longer you are abroad, the more likely you are to miss your home country, especially the foods that are unlikely to be available elsewhere. Even if it is, the authenticity of the food may not sit well with your palate.

Datuk Lee Chong Wei and his family went to Paris celebrate the 100 day countdown to the Paris Olympics, which coincided with his son’s 11th birthday. His first flight back to Malaysia was scheduled for Friday (April 19); However, Chong Wei had to stay there longer than expected.

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His flight back was delayed indefinitely and so was he stuck in Paris due to the flooding in Dubaithe exchange country.

“I was supposed to go back on Friday, but Dubai was flooded and our flight couldn’t connect there.”

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In an interview with Timesport, Chong Wei said he had tried to find another flight but was unable to as most had been cancelled. When Chong Wei was stuck in Paris, he couldn’t help it expressing his craving for Malaysian food, which we all can never say no to.

“Stuck in Paris. I miss Nasi Lemak.”

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As Malaysians, who wouldn’t do that if we’re stuck somewhere else for too long without access to Malaysian food?

Earlier this week, the United Arab Emirates recorded the heaviest rainfall, causing flooding in many areas and disrupting many scheduled flights.

Chong Wei added that his flight back to Malaysia was scheduled for Monday (April 22).

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