54 cute examples of what animal paws look like

If the Internet has done anything good, it has given us unprecedented access to photos of animals. Cats are and will probably remain internet kings, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Finally, take a moment to learn more about our furry friends. That’s why we’ve collected some of the cutest images of animal paws, claws and webbed feet.

We also reached out to Nina Thompson from the San Diego Humane Society to learn more about how we can help animals in need. So sit back as you scroll through the page, vote for your favorites, and be sure to share your own thoughts below.

More info:

Bored Panda reached out to Nina Thompson of the San Diego Humane Society to learn more about the types of animals many of us keep in our homes and how to help those unlucky enough not to have a forever home yet. First, we wanted to know what steps people can take at home to help animals in need.

“As shelters face space crises, foster parents are more important than ever. By temporarily opening your home to a pet, you give him/her a break from the shelter – and help preserve extremely strained shelter resources. Whether you choose to adopt for a few days or weeks, it all makes a difference. San Diego Humane Society provides all the necessities, you provide the safe space and love.” If you are interested in helping, you can visit the foster page of the San Diego Humane Society website.

If taking an animal into your home does not suit your current living conditions, there are other options. “Volunteer: With all San Diego Humane Society shelter campuses facing staff and volunteer shortages, support is urgently needed. If you have free time available, taking a shift every week is a great way to make a life-saving difference,” she told Bored Panda.

“With the critical shortage of space in shelters across the country, we ask anyone who needs to rehome their pet to try to do so themselves, rather than immediately taking their pets to the shelter. You know your pet best, you know what type of family he would do well in. San Diego Humane Society offers rehousing resources that can help. These tools allow pet owners to create a profile for their adopted pet and immediately place the animal in their new home.” If you’re feeling indecisive, don’t worry; some animals may still end up where you live.

Nina shared some parting thoughts and advice. “If you think you have to give up your pet for financial reasons, seek support first. There are resources at the San Diego Humane Society and many other shelters to help keep pets with their families during difficult times.” For those outside of San Diego, contact your local animal shelter and see what they have to offer.


The worn feet of an emperor penguin

They are not too efficient when used for walking, they are mildly useful when used as propulsion to slide the belly across the ice. And are best tucked away for swimming, for the fastest and most efficient method of transportation penguins have.

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Having my hand hold the foot of a Nile crocodile is something that will never get old

This crocodile is older than me. It’s seen things I haven’t seen. It has been through more than me. This bloodline comes from Africa and who knows what his ancestors went through.

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This is what a gecko’s feet look like when they are stuck on walls

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In the photo I took today, anyone who denies the existence of dinosaurs has never seen an Emu paw up close

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Ray’s hands

So today I found Bagheera sleeping and took the opportunity to take a macro shot of his little hands.

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Quol beans. How cute is this little foot?

This little foot is from one of our Spotted-tail quoll joeys! This is a quality photo that perfectly shows some of the important adaptations that Spotted Tail Quolls must have in order to climb trees.

In addition to sharp claws, the hind paw has four full digits and half digits that look a bit like a thumb, and ribbed pads that provide extra grip.

These features also make them very cute feet!

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Our dog’s paw looks like a mini version of him

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