Weekly horoscope for Cancer and other zodiacs from April 22 – 28, 2024

Tarot readings provide us with guidance to identify the obstacles in life and use the tools to overcome these obstacles. You cannot change your fate, but improvise and adapt with positive actions and guidance from the cards. Taurus will enjoy robust health, our weekly horoscope suggests. Read on to see what the weekly horoscope for Taurus and other zodiac signs will be this week. Try to make the best of situations you are likely to face.

Weekly horoscope for Cancer and other zodiac signs from April 22 – April 28, 2024

Aries weekly horoscope

Career and finances: The Hanged man indicates that you are in an unhappy place regarding your career that is stagnant, and you are confused. The advice is to relax and take it easy. For business people there may be some minuses. Finances will be average.

Health: The Hierophant reversed indicates that you are bothered too much by small things. Give your body time to heal and do not rush to the doctor at the slightest problems. Try a holistic approach and work on building your immunity.

Relationships: The Moon inverted indicates that certain things you are ignoring about your relationship will come to light. You will have to make efforts and set up different equations to move forward. With family, some suppressed issues will resurface, and you will have to address and sort things out.

Taurus weekly horoscope

Career and finances: Fool in reverse indicates that good opportunities are coming your way. You have the potential and ability to use them well, but some lethargy and incompetence are appropriate. You have to focus on your performance. Entrepreneurs are warned to be alert when carrying out their work. Money will be average, use your money carefully and judiciously.

Health: Six of wands is a good card to bring to any reading. This card indicates good health and is considered a victory card. You will achieve your health goals with ease. For starters, your health problems will go away if there are any.

Relationships: Lovers is the relationship card that shows affection and trust between partners. This card indicates good understanding and intimacy between couples. This card represents pure love and great camaraderie with family members.

Gemini weekly horoscope

Career and finances: Three of Pentacles indicates a lot of effort and dedication at work. Chances are you will get some awards and appreciation. Business natives will have a successful collaboration. You could invest a lot to acquire new skills and purchase new equipment.

Health: Ace of Pentacles indicates that now is a good time to make some lifestyle changes to improve your health. Focus on healthy eating and exercise.

Relationships: The Knight of Pentacles indicates a stable and committed relationship. You will probably work hard to provide your partner with a better life and deepen ties. You will enjoy good intimacy with your partner. You will also have a good family bond.

Cancer weekly horoscope

Career and finances: Justice in reverse indicates that you are not receiving your dues at work. Despite giving your time and effort better than your best, your rewards and rewards are less than expected. Business owners should put aside their plans to expand at this time. Don’t get discouraged, remember that hard work always pays off. Be careful with your money and investments, the Cancer weekly horoscope suggests.

Health: Empress, the health card indicates good health. According to the weekly horoscope of Cancer, you will be enthusiastic and full of energy. This is a fertility card and therefore natives who are eager to have children will visit the supply soon.

Relationships: Six of cups is a good card for relationships. It indicates memories and nostalgia from the past. Maybe you’ll go back in your memory and appreciate each other more. You will remember family times with fondness and grow closer to them, suggests the Cancer weekly horoscope.

Weekly horoscope Leo

Career and finances: Knight of Wands indicates that you will be full of energy and ready to take on any challenge – whether it is a more responsible job in the same organization or a change. This card shows impulsiveness. The advice is therefore to think carefully before making a switch. Business people will have to implement many plans, but here too the advice applies: take it easy. Travel-related work is indicated. Finances will be good, and you may be in a hurry to make investments, but do it slowly.

Health: Ace of PentaclesReversed is the health card that indicates that no prior thought has been given to maintaining and improving your health goals. You need to pull up your socks and focus on a healthy regimen. It’s not a good card for recovery.

Relationships: Four cups inverted indicates that you have not had a good relationship, but that you are now going to work hard to improve it. Your partner will be receptive and respond wholeheartedly, and your domestic harmony chart is all set to go up. You’re probably also working on a better sex life. You will enjoy good family ties.

Virgo weekly horoscope

Career and finances: The Knight of Swords card shows high ambitions and drive. This card represents big plans without obligations. Businessmen will have to work hard to realize their expansion plans. Finances will be good, but don’t be in a hurry to accumulate wealth. Slow and steady wins the race.

Health: Queen of Cups reversed indicates some emotional upheavals. Work on self-care, as ups and downs are part of life. However, nothing is worth spoiling your health for. Pregnant women should be careful as this card sometimes indicates a miscarriage.

Relationships: Eight of swords does not indicate a good relationship. You may feel trapped and ignored. Remember that your happiness is in your hands. Take corrective action and maintain positivity in your relationship.

Libra weekly horoscope

Career and finances: Three of Pentacles reversed indicates a lack of dedication and commitment. It can also indicate a lack of cooperation from team members. Businessmen must be vigilant, as evidenced by conflicts between partners and colleagues. Financial indications are not very positive, keep your expenses under control and do not borrow money.

Health: King of wands is the health card for this week that indicates good health. Try to be disciplined about your exercise and maintain a balanced diet. Learn to relax and enjoy.

Relationships: The Wagon is the relationship card that indicates a good friendship between partners, but a warning in advance that balance in your relationship is very important. You have to put in the time and effort for a healthy relationship. Spoil your partner. You may not meet your family as often, but the bond will be strong.

Scorpio weekly horoscope

Career and finances: Page with swords reversed indicates some missed opportunities. You need to clear your head and decide what you want. Balance your dreams and reality. Entrepreneurs must be careful with the choices they make when it comes to work. Finances will be good, and you will be thinking of some big investments.

Health: Nine of Pentacles indicates robust health and vitality. You exercise and eat healthy. The advice is to keep up the good work. It is a good card for fertility and pregnancy.

Relationships: Seven of Wands indicates challenges in your relationship. You must work towards achieving peace and harmony on the domestic front. Matters of the heart are complicated and you will go through ups and downs to smooth out the folded lines with love, care and intimacy.

Sagittarius weekly horoscope

Career and finances: The Hierophant indicates success at work, but the advice is to share your knowledge and skills with your teammates and move forward together. You can also scale your skills for better growth. The warning this card carries is: be honest and fair in your profession. Entrepreneurs must move with the times and have a broader view. The finances will be good. This card indicates that you are too conventional in your investments and that you need to diversify.

Health: Page with magic wands Reversed indicates lack of energy and lethargy. You may be burnt out from your work commitments and need a break to replenish your energy levels.

Relationships: Knight of Cups indicates a good relationship between partners. Family ties will be enjoyable and the young people in the family will be a source of joy.

Capricorn weekly horoscope

Career and finances: Six of swords reversed indicates delays and cancellations of projects and tasks. It’s a temporary setback. Give it time and things will probably settle down. Businessmen are likely to face some setbacks. Finances will be average.

Health: Hermit is the health card that indicates some form of paranoia. You need to relax and deal with the problems immediately, otherwise they will turn ugly. If you are receiving treatment in any way, this card indicates that you should seek expert advice.

Relationships: Page with headings is the harbinger of good news. You will have a good bonhomie and enjoy good pleasures between the sheet. Young people will look up to you and share a great comparison with you. Fertility and fertilization are indicated.

Aquarius weekly horoscope

Career and finances: Queen of swords indicates that you should have respect for your seniors and colleagues. Your brash attitude can upset your coworkers and spoil the camaraderie at work. You have to work on yourself. The ‘I am the best’ attitude needs to change. Entrepreneurs will face a number of obstacles at work. The money will be less than expected.

Health: The Page of Pentacles reversed indicates an unhealthy lifestyle. When health is lost, all is lost. The sooner you realize this, the better off you will be. You need to focus more on your health and follow a good exercise regimen.

Relationships: The Empress is an indicator of love and abundance. You will enjoy marital bliss. Couples will enjoy each other’s attention and will enjoy their sex life. This is the best time for fertility and conception. Family members will feel comfortable and safe.

Pisces weekly horoscope

Career and finances: Nine of cups card says that you will achieve success in all your endeavors. Your dreams will be fulfilled and everything you envision for yourself will probably be launched. This week you will receive accolades, acclaim and achievements. Companies will do extremely well. You will be satisfied and proud of your financial performance.

Health: Two of PentaclesReversed indicates that you need to relax and take it easy. Dealing with too many things at once can cause stress and related problems. You need to take time for self-care. Don’t overdo your taste buds.

Relationships: King of wands suggests strengthening relationships. You need to increase your intimacy with your partner and put more effort into everything. You will have a good time with your partner and family ties will be good.

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