‘Anyone who sees this is probably questioning their eyes’, ‘I Live Alone’s Jun Hyun Moo, Park Na Rae and Lee Jang Woo pose for body profile photo

Park Na Rae shared her feelings ahead of the release of her ‘Palm Oil Family’ body profile photos.

On April 21 KST, the comedian posted photos on her personal Instagram account and wrote: “Finally, here are our body profile photos (no, the Palm Oil Family body reveal). For four months, I’ve been too shy, unable to talk about how I prepare for a body profile shoot, and unable to to make any plans. Our detailed story will be revealed in the next week.I live by myself‘ episode. A lot of things happened.”

Then she jokingly repeated: “It’s not a body profile. It’s just a body reveal,” where I emphasize that it is not an extravagant body profile shoot.

GQ Korea And FILA underwearwho worked with Palm Oil Family as they trained for the body profileshurrah, declared, “Anyone who sees this image now must doubt their eyes. This image, which encapsulates the blood, sweat and tears of the Palm Oil Family, was prepared in approximately four months and is indeed real.”

Meanwhile, ‘Palm Oil Family’ is a nickname given to ‘I Live Alone’ cast members Jun Hyun Moo, Park Na Rae and Lee Jang Woo. The anticipation for the group’s body profile shoot started when Lee Jang Woo announced it at the meeting MBC Entertainment Awards 2023. The last photos were taken after four months of dieting and heavy physical exertion.